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Stropping Supplies
Stropping Supplies

Stropping Supplies

Stropping is a sharpening process using micro fine abrasives to restore the cutting edge of a variety of implements such as straight razors, carving tools, chisels and plane irons. The advantage of stropping is the ability to quickly restore the edge of a blade to very sharp condition - in seconds. It is common to strop an edge 6-7 times before it is necessary to revisit the sharpening stones.

  • Stropping is done by dragging the blade across a surface charged with a stropping media - first on the bevel, then the back if the blade. Unlike hand sharpening, this process is easily mastered in a matter of minutes.

Two items are needed in order to get started stropping your tools and saving time in the process.

  • 1. Media (leather or felt) to hold the stropping compound is 3 x 8-1/4 in. We offer vegetable-tanned leather and extra-hard wool felt. Both provide a long-lasting resilient base with just the right amount of deflection.
  • 2. Micro fine stropping compound to cut away the steel leaving a sharp edge. Our selection of compounds below include the most popular formulations, all of which work well on high quality steels.

Stropping Compounds: Tubes peel away to reveal fresh compound - Bars are best stored in a plastic bag

  • Viridian: A high concentration of Green Chromium Oxide cuts hard steels quickly creating a very fine edge - Made in USA

  • Titanium Gold: Yellow in color, this is a favorite of woodcarvers and woodworkers using high carbon tools such as O-1 and Japanese White Steel. It is also useful as a first coat on new strops because it adheres very well providing a good base for other compounds - Made in USA

  • Herb's Yellowstone Compound: Favored at Gary Rogowski's Northwest Woodworking Studio, this is a top pick for chisels and plane blades. Recommended use on split side (rough) of Stropping Leather offered below - Made in USA

  • White Gold: Recommended by noted author and woodcarving instructor Everett Ellenwood, this is an excellent choice for all carving tools. - Made in USA

  • Veritas Honing Compound: Primarily aluminum oxide admixed with other fine abrasives by the Canadian toolmaker Veritas.- Made in USA

The Stropping Board (above) was made to allow customers to try our stropping materials. A cleat (narrow strip of wood) attached to the bottom of the board catches on the far side of a workbench to hold it in place. This is device is easily fabricated and need only be large enough to hold a single strop.

Application note: For the Viridian and Titanium Gold, peel away 1/2 to 3/4 in. of paper from the end of the tube and apply it to the honing surface like a crayon. On the first application only, it may help the compound adhere better by applying a thin film of mineral oil (baby oil) with your fingers. - Never do this to a moving surface such as a buffing wheel that is turning.

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Normally ships in:
Stropping Leather - 3 x 8-1/4 in.
   Price: $7.89  
2-3 Weeks

Stropping Felt - 3 x 8-1/4 in.
   Price: $6.20  
0-24 Hours

Veridian Stropping Compound - 4oz.Tube
   Price: $7.95  
2-3 Weeks

Titanium Gold Stropping Compound - 4oz.Tube
   Price: $7.95  
0-24 Hours

Herbs Yellowstone Stropping Compound - 5.2 oz. Bar
   Price: $13.73  
0-24 Hours

White Gold Stropping Compound - 7 oz. Bar
   Price: $7.95  
2-3 Weeks

Veritas Honing Compound - 6 oz. Bar
   Price: $12.95  
0-24 Hours

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