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  Dovetail Saws, Marking Knifes & Dovetail Markers from Craftsman Studio

Dovetail Saws & Tools

Well-executed hand-cut dovetails are one of the things that distinguish the accomplished craftsman because they require preparation, practice and precision. We've assembled products well-suited to the task in one location for convenience.
Tool notes:

  • Lie-Nielsen Dovetail Saw: For over 200 years, American & European craftsmen have used this style of saw because it provides comfort and consistency.
  • Tite-Mark Marking Gauge: The standard 7 in. model is a good choice. Choose the Tite Mark III if you plan to do mortises as well. Use this marking gauge in conjunction with a marking knife to ensure an accurate cut.
  • Starrett Combination Square: The 4 in. size is well-suited to dovetails.
  • Hardwood & Urethane Mallets: The 20 oz. size is popular for dovetails. These mallets protect your chisels from damage and still give good feedback.
  • Chisels: Most people use bevel edge chisels to chop out dovetails. Dovetail chisels are helpful because of their triangular profile. Skew chisels allow access to difficult areas, especially in half-blind dovetails.
  • Training: Rob Cosman's DVDs are up to date and thorough. Tage Frid's classic book on furniture making has detailed photos and instructions for cutting dovetails.
  • Additional Information (PDF): Chris Schwarz Dovetail Editorial

If you have any trouble finding a specific dovetail marker or have questions concerning any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Tips for Cutting Half Blind Dovetails, Parts 1 and 2
Lie-Nielsen Dovetail Saws Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws
Woodworkers Fretsaws by Knew Concepts Rob Cosmans Marking Knife
Lie-Nielsen Dovetail Marker Tite-Mark Marking Gauges
Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails - Cosman (DVD) Cheating at Hand-Cut Dovetails - (DVD)
Czeck Edge Marking Knives and Awls Dovetail Chisels - White Steel - Matsumura
Dovetail Degree Set - Cosman Engineers Steel Squares
Fret Saw for Dovetails - 3in. Depth Fret Saw for Dovetails w/12 Blades - 5in. Depth
Glen-Drake Tite-Hammers Glen-Drake Joinery Saw - Steamed Madrone Handle
Glen-Drake Kerf-Starters & Scraper File-Burnisher Hand-Cut Dovetails - Cosman (DVD)
Hand-Cut Dovetails 2.0 - Cosman (DVD) Hand-Cut Dovetails Set - Cosman
Hardwood & Urethane Mallets Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge Chisels
Lie-Nielsen Cutting Gauge Lie-Nielsen Independence Carcass Saws
Lie-Nielsen Skew Bevel Edge Chisel Sets Mastering the Dovetail Saw - Cosman - (DVD)
Precision Beveled Square - 50mm (2 in) Starrett Combination Squares - 4R Scales
Starrett Toolmakers Dividers Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking * Frid
Veritas Dovetail and Crosscut Saws Veritas Dovetail Marker - 1:4 (14 degree)
Veritas Dovetail Markers - Set of 2 Veritas Dovetail Saddle Marker - 1:4 (14 Degrees)
Veritas Dovetail Saddle Markers Veritas Dual Marking Gauge
Veritas Magnetic Saw Guides Veritas Miter Saddle Square
Veritas Standard Wheel Marking Gauges
Jointer Plane
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